Friday, June 11, 2010

Future post topics...

The main purpose for this blog is to catalog and post my impressions of libraries and archives visited during the University of Southern Mississippi's British Studies Program Library Science course. Future post topics include: Oxford Bodleian Library, British Library, Greenwich National Maritime Museum, National Art Library, Victoria & Albert Museum Library, Shakespeare Library, Barbican Centre Library, and the Royal Archives of Scotland, all of which are site visits scheduled with the course. In addition, at least three other site related posts will appear: I am thinking the British Museum's Entomological Library will be one of the entries. And, chances are, you'll get some random posts about my day, my research, and funny things heard or seen on the London tube--like the fact that London men can be seen wearing socks that match their tie--bright red by the way. I wasn't sure whether to laugh or applaud as I had an 80s flashback where my socks matched my shirt matched my scrunchie. Here's to significant and less than significant literary ramblings.

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